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About Yoga Nama

"In Yoga I found a completely holistic practice for body, mind and soul"

Julie Ngama

I first ‘found’ Yoga when I was looking for something to ease nagging back pain - the result of long hours, working in a Design Studio. In my first class at the Sivananda Yoga Centre London, I found instead a completely holistic practice for body, mind and soul. I left that first class not only feeling ‘taller’, more bendy and more balanced, but inspired, relaxed and uplifted.

My practice led me to the Sivananda Ashram in South India and in 1992 I qualified as a Sivananda Yoga teacher. After teaching classes for a number of years, and seeing and feeling the benefits of Yoga for both body and mind, I became more interested in using Yoga in a therapeutic way for people with serious health concerns. I undertook further training with the Yoga Biomedical Trust to qualify as a Yoga Therapist (1999).

Since that time I have worked as a Yoga Therapist - for many years at the Yoga Therapy Centre in London, as well as The Homeopathic and Ayurvedic Hospitals, disability centres, a number of Yoga Centres and privately.

"I am passionate about making Yoga accessible to all in a positive,

non-competitve environment"

Experience & Qualifications

Since moving to the Bath area I have taught in local G.P. surgeries, Chiropractor Clinics, Care Homes and with the Wellbeing College in Bath and The Somerset Recovery College. I have worked with clients with a wide range of health conditions, with a particular focus on Back Pain, Chronic Fatigue and Multiple Sclerosis.

In 2013 I qualified in Pre and Postnatal Yoga (British School of Yoga) and have also undertaken training in Baby Yoga ( Birthlight 2007 ).

Further ongoing training includes Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety and Depression and Trauma Informed Yoga. I am also qualified in Mental Health First Aid.

I am registered with the Independent Yoga Network (I.Y.N.) and the Register of Exercise Professionals (R.E.P.S.).


I am also a practitioner of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, having trained both in Thailand and London at the School of Thai Yoga Massage.

I am passionate about making Yoga accessible to all, and am lucky enough to be bringing Yoga into 'social Prescribing'. I draw on many different schools, and influences to create a positive, non- competitive environment in which people of all physical abilities can share the experience and benefits of Yoga.

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