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Class Styles

​ Mindful Flow Yoga

Restore, Re-energise, Relax!

A mindful, flowing class, moving with the breath to build strength and improve flexibility, alignment and balance. Combining posture work (asanas), breathing practices (pranayama), and relaxation (nidra) to ease you towards a healthier body and calmer


Open to all levels of experience - allowing you to work at your own pace while gently challenging you to explore your practice in a deeper, more mindful way.

Gentle / Therapeutic Yoga

Gentle classes to rejuvenate body and mind. A flowing, mindful class, which draws on different schools and techniques to include stretching, strengthening postures, breathing practices and deep relaxation. Particularly suitable for those new to Yoga, or people with health conditions such as back pain, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue, or just if you simply prefer a less demanding class.

 Yoga and Social Prescribing

Run through the Wellbeing College in Bath and the Somerset Recovery College in Frome - a number of completely FREE courses, open to all in the BANES  and Somerset areas. Learn simple, effective techniques, including movement with the breath, gentle stretching, breathing practices and deep relaxation. Why not take this opportunity to experience the benefits of Yoga for Body and Mind  - over a 6 week course - completely FREE ?!!?

Please contact below for details:


 The Wellbeing College ( )  

The Recovery College ( )

Pre & Postnatal Yoga

Yoga for Pregnancy


Gentle, supportive classes for a healthy, relaxed and positive experience of pregnancy, birth and beyond. Suitable for both experienced and those new to Yoga.


Postnatal Mums & Babies


A relaxing, friendly space for new mums and babies to practice Yoga together. Ease recovery, strengthen and relax after birth in a supportive baby-friendly environment.


Learn safe, effective exercises, and postures for two. Although this is not a 'Baby Yoga’ class it includes fun, engaging, interactive practices for you and your baby. Suitable for both experienced and those new to Yoga.

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