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Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy offers a personalised, holistic system for optimum well-being, equipping and empowering you with techniques that can be used in daily life to help manage your own particular health challenges.

No previous experience is necessary.

1-1 Session: 1hr £45.00;

Class: 90 mins £10.00

Contact Julie Ngama for details and appointments.

The benefits of Yoga for both body and mind have long been known, but for people with serious health concerns, a general Yoga class may not always be suitable.


Yoga Therapy addresses this by adapting and tailoring Yoga to the needs of the individual and their particular medical condition. In this way it becomes both a safer and more effective practice than ‘general’ Yoga.


Yoga Therapy can benefit a wide range of conditions such as multiple sclerosis, back pain and other injuries, chronic fatigue and asthma.


It is taught both 1-1 and in small group classes, and teaching draws on a variety of safe and effective methods, working sensitively with each student according to the nature of the condition, and individual ability.


Both 1-1 and group classes work with simple, safe and proven breathing, stretching and relaxation techniques, allowing you to work with whatever health challenges you may be facing.


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